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Lonnie James has been playing music and writing songs since he was twelve years old. The wide, open Alberta prairie and the big sky allowed his imagination to soar. Lonnie was still in high school when most of his friends were hanging out at the mall, but he was already playing drums in smoky clubs downtown. Self-taught and sonically driven, by the time he graduated high school, Lonnie had already played on his first record. and he hasn’t looked back since.

Lonnie has recorded and performed in enough bands to fill at least 20 normal people’s lifetimes. The names of the bands sprinkled throughout Lonnie’s pedigree reveal a man who, besides the fact that he has played in more than a few influential bands (Superfriendz, The Nils, Living Proof, Royal City, etc.), is an artist who is fearless musically and has always remained true to his vision, even at times to the detriment of his career. If you’ve ever met Lonnie James, chances are you will never forget him; his energy is inspiring and exasperating at the same time. To talk to him is to hear a man who teeters between youthful wonder and a world-wise consciousness.


He looks worn, but it’s hard to guess his age. Lonnie sums it up nicely when he says, "Music is my life, but it’s not my aim to make it." "It's my aim to enjoy my life."

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