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Originally from Hardisty, Alberta, my journey with music began when I moved to British Columbia for high school. It was there that I picked up the guitar, inspired by my father's acoustic renditions of classic Country songs from the legends of his era. Despite this early exposure, my musical taste soon leaned towards the rebellious allure of "Rock and Roll," a common inclination for someone of my generation.

Determined to explore this newfound passion, I invested my hard-earned money in an "Electric Guitar and Amplifier." Instead of settling for mere rhythm patterns, I delved into lead guitar, seeking to master the instrument. This pursuit led me to join a local Rock and Roll band, performing at numerous gigs in the area. Time passed, and my journey brought me to Calgary, where I not only pursued work but continued my musical endeavors in various bands, entertaining audiences in bars and clubs with the popular tunes of the time.

As my skillset expanded, I found myself drawn to the captivating world of "Country Music." Given Calgary's musical landscape, this genre became increasingly in demand. While I excelled as a lead guitarist, a moment of inspiration struck one evening — why not explore the soulful realm of the "Pedal Steel Guitar"?

Immersing myself in this new venture, I played alongside skilled Steel Players in bands, reveling in the unique and enchanting sounds the instrument produced. I dedicated nearly a year to studying and researching the intricacies of the "Pedal Steel" and the necessary accessories for mastery. Understanding the dynamics of the instrument was paramount before making any purchasing decisions.

Upon acquiring my first "Pedal Steel Guitar," my focus shifted entirely, and I abandoned six-string guitars. The instrument's allure was undeniable, and I haven't looked back since. My love for the "Pedal Steel Guitar" runs deep, and the joy of creating evocative Country Music remains a constant source of inspiration in my musical journey.

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