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Cash In On The Legend: A Tribute to Johnny Cash with Austin T. O'keefe and his Nostalgia Cowboys

The Johnny Cash Show

The "Johnny Cash Tribute Show" is a celebration of the life, music, and legacy of one of the most iconic and influential musicians of all time: Johnny Cash. The show is brought to life by Austin T. O'keefe and his Nostalgia Cowboys, who have a deep respect and admiration for Cash's music and strive to make the tribute show as authentic and true to the original as possible.

During the show, audiences will be treated to a journey through Cash's life, from his humble beginnings growing up in Arkansas to his rise to fame as the "Man in Black." Along the way, they'll hear all of his greatest hits, from "I Walk the Line" and "Folsom Prison Blues" to "Ring of Fire" and "Get Rhythm," as well as lesser-known gems from his extensive catalog.

But the "Johnny Cash Tribute Show" isn't just about reliving the past. Austin T. O'keefe and his Nostalgia Cowboys also take care to include some of the newer songs that Cash released later in his career, such as "Rusty Cage," to show how his music continues to resonate with audiences today.

The tribute show also features a variety of other elements that help to give it a sense of authenticity. For example, the band members may all dress in black, and they might use a stage setup that is reminiscent of Cash's live performances. Additionally, they may include stories and anecdotes about Cash and his music to provide the audience with more insight into the man behind the legend.

All of these elements combined make the "Johnny Cash Tribute Show" a must-see event for any fans of the Man in Black and those who appreciate good country music. It's a great opportunity for audiences to experience the music of one of the greatest American musicians in a live and intimate setting, and to see why his legacy continues to live on.


Johnny cash Show Set List








  1. "I Walk the Line"

  2. "Folsom Prison Blues"

  3. "Ring of Fire"

  4. "Man in Black"

  5. "Rusty Cage"

  6. "A Boy Named Sue"

  7. "Orange Blossom Special"

  8. "I Still Miss Someone"

  9. "Get Rhythm"

  10. "Hey Porter"

  11. "Wreck Of Old 97"

  12. "Tennessee Flat Top Box"


This set list is a sneak peek and subject to change, but it covers some of Johnny Cash's most iconic and well-loved songs, and also includes some of his newer hits to show his music continues to have a broad appeal even today. 

Past Shows (Johnny Cas Christmas Show)

On December 9th, the Velvet Olive Lounge in Red Deer, Alberta was the place to be as Austin T. O'keefe and his Nostalgia Cowboys celebrated the holiday season with their Johnny Cash Christmas Tribute Show.

As the Nostalgia Cowboys took to the stage, the crowd was immediately captivated by their rock'n-rollin', bluesy, country sound. Austin T. O'keefe and his band paid tribute to Cash with renditions of some of his most iconic songs, including "Folsom Prison Blues," "I Walk the Line," and "Ring of Fire."

But the music was just one part of what made this show such a success. The atmosphere at the Velvet Olive Lounge was electric, with a great crowd and a down-home good time had by all.

O'keefe and his Nostalgia Cowboys were clearly having a blast on stage, and their enthusiasm was infectious. As they played on into the night, it was clear that this was a performance that will be remembered for a long time to come.

As the show came to a close, O'keefe took the time to thank the audience and the staff at the Velvet Olive Lounge. "Red Deer is a great city and The Velvet Olive Lounge is a great place to play," he said. "I can't wait to be back again soon."

Overall, the Johnny Cash Christmas Tribute Show at the Velvet Olive Lounge was a resounding success, filled with fun, excitement, and memories of a true musical icon. If you missed it this time around, be sure to keep an eye out for future performances from Austin T. O'keefe and his Nostalgia Cowboys – you won't want to miss out on a chance to see them in action.

Map (Velvet Olive Lounge Red Deer, AB)
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